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Wines of the World Direct

Wines of the World Direct have been chosen by Direct Wines International, the world’s largest independent wine distributor, to sell their award winning international wines exclusively throughout Cyprus.

Direct Wines international is a family owned company founded in 1969 with an annual turnover of over 300 million UKP and has built its reputation by specializing in bringing you “real wines” of authenticity and individual character. By working closely with producers worldwide our hand crafted wines are all estate bottled and coupled by the fact we buy direct you can be confident that your choice of wine is of the highest quality and great value!

Direct Wines International trading identities include Laithwaites Wines, The Sunday Times Wine Club , Barclaycard, Virgin Direct and The Wall St. Journal.

Over the last 40 years Direct Wines International have developed their range concentrating on maintaining supreme quality from their regular winemakers whist developing new and exciting ranges each year where they find the right combination of skill, flair and attention to detail.

This exciting business is always prepared to go further to bring you great wines from all the corners of the globe and its buyers will go to the utmost lengths to secure truly outstanding products. It’s part of their dedication to their craft and of course very satisfying.
Wines of the World Direct in Cyprus has selected around 200 lines from a choice of over 2000 and are always looking to expand the range and improve the offer to our customers. We deliver island wide and and have regular customers throughout the country. Our main aim is to offer international wines of exceptional quality at hard to believe prices.

We are looking to continually improve our business and always welcome comments from customers and other interested parties in order to positively develop the business.

All the best and Cheers!

Peter Reynolds

The History of Laithwaites

We began back in 1969, after student summers working in the Bordeaux vineyards, and lugging wine home on the train. I and five winegrowers then bought a Ford van with the idea of me bringing their ‘real’ wines – wines of authenticity and character and delivering directly to customers in the UK.

Called ‘Bordeaux Direct’, the original business had just five wines on the list (at 13/6d a bottle!) and only 150 customers. But slowly we began investigating vineyards further up the Dordogne … and beyond. In the 1970s we were the first merchants – of any nationality – to prospect and buy wine from the wine regions of southern France … Bergerac, Duras, Cahors, Madiran, Gaillac, Minervois, Saint-Chinian and so on eastwards. Then came other countries; Rioja, Bulgarian Cabernet, even wines from Australia that were first shipped in 1974.

Apart from selling these ‘new’ wines, the by now rather inappropriately named Bordeaux Direct was unique in still insisting on only selling wines bottled by the producers; because they simply had more flavour, extra character, total authenticity and somehow anyone, even a newcomer to wine, could always taste that quality and goodness.

Today…nearly 40 years on, we’re now called ‘Laithwaites’ and deliver wine to over 700,000 customers. We may be bigger, but we still go ‘direct’ in the same old way, and so keep costs down. We have a huge network of supplier contacts, some now the grandchildren of those we started with. We still only do top-quality, small production wines from producers in every corner of the known wine world. We are still travelling, still searching out the real good wines.