The Portuguese wine story is in many ways similar to Spain’s in that massive EU investment has triggered what can only be described as a quality revolution in the last 20 years. If you’re looking for refreshing alternatives to Cabernet and Chardonnay, Portuguese wines are certainly different and offer outstanding value for money.

Southern Portugal’s most prominent wine regions are clustered around the country’s capital city, Lisbon. Here we’ve been particularly impressed by wines from Estremadura and Ribatejo. Further south lies Alentejo, Terras do Sado and, of course, the island of Madeira – home to one of the world’s most famous fortified wines.

“Portugal – recently winemaking in the country has undergone a revolution with modern production methods and forward thinking winemakers creating wines that please both palate and purse.”
Mark Freestone, Western Gazette
“The average quality of Portugal’s table wines continues to soar and there is much more fruit in wines made today than a decade or two ago.”
Jancis Robinson