The story of wine in Italy is one of history, untold variety and world-class innovation. Along with France and Spain, it’s one of the Big Three wine producers of Europe – wherever there’s a spare patch of land, it seems, the vine is cultivated. From Alpine north to sun-drenched south you can find unique wines bursting with flavour … wines superbly suited to the local cuisine!

The most famous vineyards in central Italy are those of Chianti on the west coast where the Sangiovese grape dominates. At their best, and particularly in the sub-zones of Chianti Classico and Rufina, the wines can be very fine indeed – medium bodied, cherry-fruited and with a distinctive tang that renders them so well-suited to food.

No matter what style of wine you fancy, you’re guaranteed to find pleasure right here.

“Italy has for some years been running neck and neck with France … every one of her twenty regions is in the wine business. The palette is extraordinary, with some 1,000 grape varieties in cultivation”
Hugh Johnson’s Wine Companion
“Italy has the most diverse range of wines in the world … If you do nothing else to vary your drinking this year, introduce yourself to a few new Italians.”
Joanna Simon, The Sunday Times